Posted by: northbynorthwestblog | May 19, 2009

An Bord Póilíneachta i nDoire as Gaeilge

An Bord Póilíneachta

An Bord Póilíneachta

Beidh eachtra stairiúl tráthnona inniu i nÓstán na Cathrach i nDoire nuair atá an chéad cruinniú poiblí ag an Bord Póilíneachta san teanga dúchasach. Gan dabhta, is é an chéad eachtra den sórt seo sa oiléan ar fad agus is iontach an rud é. 

The words of UUP Basil McCrea MLA this morning on Radio Foyle were very welcome – pointing out that this is a practical means of reaching out to a sector of the community.  He quite rightly also recalled the proud role of Presbyterians in fostering the language over the centuries. 

An mbeidh Sir Hugh Orde ann agus é ag freagra ceisteanna as gaeilge?!


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