Posted by: northbynorthwestblog | March 25, 2009

Continuity IRA detentions – what relevance is Diane Dodds?

Bizarre piece in this morning’s Irish News on the concerns raised yesterday by the Human Rights Commission about the detention conditions of suspects held in Antrim PSNI station over the murder of Stephen Carroll.  Diane Dodds attacking Monica McWilliams for doing her job.

As is her role, Chief Commission Monica McWilliams queried the suitability of daylight-less cells and such things. While some will think it good enough for people convicted of such a horrendous crime, noboby has been convicted of anything.

Diane Dodds in today’s papers called the visit “inappropriate”. Hardly – to stay away from the first 28 days murder detention would have been to run away. McWilliams is to be commended – her job is to be a safeguard not to take sides.

The real irony is Diane Dodds attacking McWiliams saying it was “a desperate attempt to make herself relevant”. Surely that comment actually applies to Dodds as she latches on to this trying to become known outside the Shankill for her European campaign!


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