Posted by: northbynorthwestblog | March 3, 2009

Bradley and Eames aren’t the villains

NBNW was disappointed with some of the most recent attacks on local man Denis Bradley and his co-chair on the victims report, Archbishop Eames. 
Their task was always going to be impossible – there are so many views, opinions and varied experiences of the conflict here that one report couldn’t satisfy everyone.  The personalised attacks from the DUP at Westminster were appaling. It cannot be easy for the Group members to have signed up to the report either.  Unfortunately, the payment idea has been used as a stick to beat them and a distraction to the real issues – truth, support and sharing.

Today’s Derry Journal has a pathetic report giving off that the authors got £680 per day to work on this.  Of course it’s not a small fee – but how much did the Provo bombing campaign cost Derry?  Or what price the assasinations by the UVF? It goes on. In comparison to the cost of Saville, grossly inflated by MoD legal actions, it is not big money.  If it helps us to help those still struggling, it will be worth it.

Of course, if Denis Bradley and Arch. Eames wanted to hit back at this insinuation reporting, they should state how much they have been paid in total, and how many days they worked.  NBNW knows they toured the North visiting groups, individuals, hurt families and consultations.  No doubt much of it was never invoiced. 

There is many a senior civil servant, MLA or government botch job (water reform, Brangam fraud, etc) that costs us more, does much less good and hardly a peep by the DUP ‘smaller-government’ moralists.


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