Posted by: northbynorthwestblog | February 23, 2009

Keaveney ups anchor on MacLochlainn

While SDLP man John Dallat MLA pursues the Minister for Regional Development Conor Murphy MP MLA over the funding crisis facing the Foyle Ferry service, the NI Minister’s performance has sparked a political tussle across at the Greencastle end of the route.   magilliganpoint

Moville’s Fianna Fáil Senator Cecilia Keaveney is flagging up the crazy situation whereby the costs of the service are put up by Magilligan’s definition as an international port.  This really is a joke in today’s post Good Friday Agreement age.

Meanwhile, in typical Sinn Féin style they are trying to have their Sir Humphry cake and eat their PR pie.  On the one hand, Murphy says he has ‘no legislative competence’ on the issue.  On the other, his SF colleague across in Inishowen rallies to his defence in saying that he will ‘has pledged to explore cross border funding options’. What has he been doing up to now?  It all sounds a bit familiar where the SF Transport boss promises to explore things but little seems to materialise.  If he is so concerned, has he raised it at the North South Ministerial Council?  Or the international designation with the British government?

Presumably neither given that Keaveney claims to be doing so.  So much for a new “vision of Ireland’s future” – but then Sinn Féin has a bit of a record of not highlighting things at the N-S Council (Project Kelvin anyone?).


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