Posted by: northbynorthwestblog | October 15, 2008

SDLP – there when you need them

A move to the North East for this post.  

The bank they robbed

The bank they robbed

NBNW was heartened to see a statement from the McMullan family in Co. Down today who praised a number of people who had helped them through their ordeal and trial arising from the Northern Bank robbery.  While a number of services and groups are mentioned, this couple are to be commended for praising local MP Eddie McGrady and SDLP MLA for the area, Margaret Ritchie, for the support and assistance they provided to the family.

NBNW has no doubt the McGrady and Ritchie wouldn’t have expected or asked for such public acknowledgment.  But it reveals the sort of hidden work done by SDLP [and to be fair some other] representatives throughout the North quietly and without media bragging day in day out.  Here in the Guildhall tower, it seems that very often the first thing in Sinn Fein MLAs minds when they deal with people is ‘how can I get a photo in the paper out of this?’.

While the papers won’t say it, many people will also recognize that Sinn Fein is allied with the same people who carried out this selfish crime, putting many good people through a horrendous experience for their own financial gain.  NBNW hopes that whatever money they did get laundered has been lost in the property crash or the sub-prime fall in the US and elsewhere.  When ordinary folk are suffering it would be a crime for these ‘Profiteers’ to prosper while old people can’t afford fuel.

The SDLP was there for many families in the days of murder when the IRA, British Army and loyalists violated their rights and their dreams.  Thankfully, the stakes are not as high today most of the time.  But this is one small public sign that when the chips are really down and you or your family need someone to turn to, you can turn to the SDLP.  They will put you ahead of their own publicity and hopefully will maintain that proud tradition for generations to come.



  1. Well done Northbynorthwest for exposing the real deal that is Sinn Fein. I’m sick of Martina Anderson and Raymond McCartney complaining about everything in the world except SF Ministers who are doing absolutely nothing for Derry. In fact I hope they come on this blog and tell us WHAT they have done. Wouldn’t pain their hands too much typing that up!

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