Posted by: northbynorthwestblog | September 20, 2008

Back to the future in Limavady!

NBNW was disappointed at the initial response of some unionist councillors in Limavady to the proposal to grant Reverends Armstrong and Mullan the joint freedom of the town for taking steps across the community divide almost a quarter of a century ago.

The Belfast Telegraph carried comments from UUP Councillor Leslie Cubitt and DUP man Alan Robinson against the idea.  Outsiders will find it hard to conclude that their excuses are anything but a cover for an unwillingness to tackle the town’s sectarian problem head on.  In particular, the DUP excuse that the Council needs to spend its time focusing on the problems of 2008 holds little water considering they literally spent their time diagreeing about shite at their last meeting!

Aside from the fact that Robinson obviously doesn’t believe sectarian hatred is an issue nearby the lovely Roe…


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